Saturday, March 31, 2012

Oversized bathroom mirror

My business partner has a penchant for large mirrors ( and I am not saying that I don't !) so we frequently include oversized mirrors in our designs for clients, on the floor and occasionally behind console tables.  We have not yet done this look which I love.  Obviously you would only do it if you had lovely shiny under sink plumbing (no plastic) and I am assuming the mirror is in two pieces with the lower part cut around the vanity.  I don't know, it could be once piece that is predrilled by the glazier ? . . .

Image: Oliveaux

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A touch of green from Moooi

Here is a subtle little splash of green for St. Patricks day.   Marcel Wanders designed a collection of ceramic vases for Moooi.  In typical Moooi fashion classics are reinterpreted.  The vases are produced and decorated at 'Royal Delft', a Dutch company dating back to 1653 and the original producer of the beautiful Delft Blue ceramics. 

Image: Moooi

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pendant for Jane

The last light I posted here from Tokens of Living was mistaken for a spray painted Christmas ornament and went a bit viral on Pinterest in December.   This post is for my friend Jane.  Jane has impeccable design style and taste so its always a bit challenging when she says 'any ideas for my hall pendants ??'  Had to be neutral preferably with a bit of silver shine and interest, a bit of a feature but not a screaming focal point.  Her walls are soft grey.  Hope she likes it.

Image: Tokens of Living