Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bright lights

I have been travelling since I was here last. My husband and I were in Washington DC and New York for a while in September and had such a blast and (for me) inspiring time. So the massive gaps in the posting schedule are mostly due the fact that the only part of the globe I have not traversed in an aircraft in the last two months is the ( relatively if you live in Australia ) short hop from NYC to Dublin. Many firsts - saw the Hollywood sign from the sky as I took off from LA for the first time, visited Anthropologie, first heard of Restoration Hardware ( where had I been ? ) and had the best stay at the Bowery Hotel in NYC. Some serious firsts too - visiting the Holocaust Museum in DC which was incredibly powerful and the person to person tour of Ground Zero which was unforgettable also. Happy to be home and hoping to get blogging.

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