Saturday, January 17, 2009

Wine and wire

I have a couple of posts to write about steel reinforcing mesh. Hmmm I hear you say, but bear with me. Firstly it has come to my attention that steel mesh is being used to great and sometimes dramatic effect to store wine. The wine rack below is from the restaurant Bells at Killcare on the New South Wales central coast.

The mesh is inexpensive relative to other racking options and you just simply attach it to the wall or between posts or pillars depending on your room or storage area.

This wine cellar / study below uses the same approach in the Australian home of a designer for the film industry. Although I know from the magazine article that this is the home office of a female, many men I know would love to hole up in this study surrounded by 1500 bottles of wine.

Images:, Mistah, Home Beautiful

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