Wednesday, January 28, 2009

World map roundup

I'm a fan of maps in the house for kids - be it in their bedroom, playroom or somewhere else in the house where they can talk about their travels, where relatives and friends may be and for the older child where the day's news is unfolding. I think the mural style you paste on to the wall like travel agents of old has the most impact

DMA 8 piece mural 3960 x 2640 m AU$295 The Map Shop

I have this next one at home having copied it from a friend. The map is covered with referenced pictures of the natural and built icons all over the world. Hers is a UK version whereas mine is Australia centric. It is a bit of a worry on my version that the only thing shown on the map of Ireland is a couple of leprachauns and a sheep dog !!?

Hema Kids World Map 1200 x 900 AU$20

This big globe with velcro labels and shapes is from Conran in London. Its an old picture so may not be still available but a lovely idea all the same.

Image: Conran

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