Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vertical garden by Joost Bakker

Over a year ago on the ABC gardening programme I saw these vertical gardens used for a fabulous wall of herbs in a chefs garden. The herb garden was made from steel reinforcing mesh (see earlier post on wine racks using the same concept here).

And so I have kept an eye out for them ever since without any luck until .... Joost Bakkers house was featured in the latest copy of Vogue Living. As you can see from the photos below Joost - an in demand floral designer - has taken the vertical garden to the max, cladding his whole house in racking and terracotta pots. How you would maintain them I'm not sure !!

I think this a great idea for a feature in any garden but especially for small gardens and balconies. I like the effect of the corrugated silver behind the pots in the shot above - but as I'm not the worlds best gardener can't advise if a herb garden could take the reflected heat.
Joost Bakker has designed vertical garden systems for Schiavello and there are more images there. No details on pricing but I am going to find out.

Images: Schiavello, Vogue Living


Lorna said...

Great for hiding the bins too!

Sheila said...

Like your thinking