Thursday, April 9, 2009

Arctic Pear

Love this lamp. This the Arctic Pear designed by Ochre in the UK and I think its just gorgeous. I need lamps pretty much everywhere in my house. We have been in for nearly two years now and are still way too reliant on overhead lighting. The other thing I am finding ( I am turning into such a granny) is that I need good light to read in so I have to think through both mood lighting ( see lovely reflections below) and task lighting. I have not even got a ballpark price for the Arctic Pear - am still investigating but have also managed to dig up a worthy competitor at Bisque here in Australia.

Images:, Bisque Interiors


A-M said...

Oh it's just beautiful. I too am a lamp girl. I have tried to have only a pendant light in each room and just a few down lights in bulkheads for task lighting... so that I can have lamps everywhere else! A-M xx

Lorna said...

Ooh, that is gorgeous. My problem is that my 1970s house is short of sockets so can only have lamps in certain parts of the room, otherwise we might kill ourselves on trailing leads - addressing that as we decorate each room but I love lamps too (and my eyesight is deteriorating too :-))

Anonymous said...

After much searching I have found the price of the Arctic pear Table Lamp by Orche, it retails from 1380pounds, and the ceiling version is from 2280 pounds