Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend escape

I can't believe I feel like I need a weekend away and its only three days since I was away for Easter. Must be the school holidays . . . Anyway, this fabulously dramatic bathroom is in Bellinter House - a boutique country house hotel in Ireland. Not sure I'd be so bold as to go for the wall colour in my bathroom at home but could definitely enjoy this for the weekend !!

Image: Bellinter House

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TheDecoDetective said...

It's quite brave, isn't it? Especially with the dark floor! But it seems to work beautifully. Sometimes it pays off being bold! I'm usually a bit of a chicken when it comes to coloured walls, but I once painted the bathroom walls in a previous apartment a dark plum. Everything else was white. I loved this room and I think it worked even if there was just a small window that provided natural light.
Have a great weekend!