Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bunk room round up

The bunk room at the bottom (from the latest Inside Out) prompted me to share my bunk room photo collection. Bunk rooms fall into my ' when I win the lottery I will have a big holiday house and it will have at least one fantastic bunk room, maybe two . . . ' category - you get the idea.

The airier designs below are probably better suited to an Australian holiday house but, having won the lottery, I would also have a holiday house in Ireland and those nice cosy curtains could work just fine !!

Images: via Swish and Swanky, Emily Jenkins Followill, Rod Mickley, Todhunter Earle, Inside Out


Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi... you are right! Bunkrooms have that 'feel good' effect. Maybe they remind my of childhood, or as you say holiday houses and trips away. I love the 2nd one.. a bit decadent for a holiday house, but lovely!

A-M said...

Aren't they just divine. Look at the 2nd one.. it's so pretty. I would love to do bunk arrangements for my boys .....but being young and adventurous... there would be injuries! A-M xx