Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Invisible man

When I see the ad for the Invisible Light Switch it always makes me smile. A few years ago some friends of mine did a whole house renovation and selected these switches. The switch is packaged with a piece of white paper behind the clear acrylic plate with the Forbes & Lomax logo and 'The Invisible Light Switch' in black letters on it. My friend arrived home one day to find the electrician happily installing the switches with the white paper behind them. Fortunately I don't think he had got through the whole house !!

Definitely for those who are into fine detailing Forbes & Lomax do all sorts of switches and sockets including ones you can paint to match your wall colour, pewter, stainless steel and the (not altogether foolproof) invisible range.

Images: Forbes & Lomax

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Lorna said...

That is a funny story!
Keep meaning to ask - are you tweeting? I'd say you'd love it, you always have such brill images and posts.