Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sun light

We are having the most fabulous winter in Sydney - we have had blue skies for most of the last four weeks - to the extent that I am wondering should I water some of my plants. I can't remember when it last rained.

Its also been perfect weather to get my boys trained up on using their new Sunnan solar powered desk lamps from IKEA. A lovely idea - if you buy one IKEA will donate one to a child in a developing nation where there is no electricity so they cannot read or study after dark. So, I got one in blue and one in red and the boys are now on solar power. When the lamp runs out of power they put the solar cell out on the table outside before they go to school to charge up for the day. The cell pops out of the base so you don't have to move the lamp outside and you get about 9 hours of light from a day outside. ( you actually don't need the sun to be out to charge it but it is easier for a three year old to grasp the concept if it is !)

They are a great hit in my house and a good energy awareness lesson too I feel.

Image: Sunnan, IKEA

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