Monday, November 30, 2009

Rest cure

Poor show on the posting rate in November - this will bring me to a measly 13. It has been a busy term. I've just finished the first year of my interior styling course and in true end of year form have come down with strep throat. I had no idea strep throat was this painful, I'm waiting for the antibiotics to do their stuff and in the meantime addicted to Nurofen Plus.

I think I need to curl up somewhere like this for a few days to recuperate. Once I reemerge the plan is to include a few gift ideas this December in addition to normal posts.

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Anonymous said...

hello, hello! poor sheils i know what its like the pressure of finishing a term b4 xmas, but it must be really hard with the boys and family commitments! loving the've always had a good eye! will talk over xmas. Janbo x

Lorna said...

Hope you feel better soon. Take my hat off to you studying with a young family - know what it is like :)
love the bookcase below