Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Susann's kitchen

Things have been pretty busy for me lately hence the sporadic posting but with renewed energy I am committed to clearing out my inspiration folders and posting all the photos that have been hanging around all year waiting for the right mood to take me. So on some dasy there might not be alot of text - but hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves.

First off - kitchens. I have two favourite styles - soft modern (not too slick or shiny) and traditional - as I live in an old house. This kitchen belongs to Susann Larsson of Purple Area fame - I like it a lot, the doors and windows letting in light and air, especially the door by the fridge and the change in levels for the eating area - adding a bit of interest to the open plan space.

Actually Susann's whole house is amazing - see more photos here. Till tomorrow ...

Images: Purple Area

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A-M said...

Oh thanks for your support Sheila. It's great to have endorsement from those who have actually had experience in the whole thing. Don't you love how we say 'degree from a long time ago'. I spent five years studying to be a Dietitian, years working as one and years scheming to get out of it. It is so far from what I really want to be doing, it's hilarious. Now as for this gorgeous kitchen you have posted... if I was a modern girl... that would be my kitchen! A-M xx