Sunday, February 7, 2010

Striking stripes

These provide food for thought I think. The mix between matt and texture in the bathroom and living room is very effective. The living room below belongs to Tina di Lorenzo of Di Lorenzo Tiles and I like her style here a lot. In the accompanying interview she reveals that the striped wall was achieved using Dulux Fauna in satin and gloss ! Time-consuming she says but great style I think without breaking the bank.

Images: Living etc, House & Garden, Lonny

Not for the faint hearted - this geometric pattern is also painted on to the wall. There is an interesting article on Nina Freudenbeger in the last issue of Lonny here - she has painted her shop walls and parts of the floor in a fabulous zig zag. I also identify with many of her quotes:

"Make sure your home reflects your own style and comfort level; your space should not be designed only to be 'photo ready'. The chair you sit in to drink your morning coffee and read the paper should be just as comfortable as it is attractive. Make no compromises. "

My problem is the 'make no compromises' bit can make progress pretty slow on the home project front.

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Charlotta Ward said...

Hello - just found your blog and have been stuck here reading and looking ever since.. It is lovely.

This parade of pics is nice, but what stuck with me is that vase in the top image. Love it!