Friday, June 25, 2010

Colour in Dublin

So we are over the jet lag and enjoying some great weather in Dublin and this is where I go for my morning run ( or run - walk - look at the view - run - walk, would be a more truthful representation ). I have walked this pier many many times and it has been fully refurbished since my last visit. I have now finished my colour design diploma but the obsession with colour schemes remains. The bandstand has been painted in a gorgeous cream and blue colour scheme which I had to try to replicate and record. I'm sure all the other runners and walkers were wondering what I was doing - I am going to take my Resene colour matching app with me tomorrow to see what the iphone comes up with.

Images: Around Ireland, Farrow & Ball Castle Grey, Dulux Lunar Falls


Urbanstems said...

WHat a fab photo. Nice to see ya putting up such beautiful photos from Ireland..seriously beautiful colours and photo. Sinead (an Irish follower!!)

mise said...

Smoothie magnets! We have a few about the house but I never thought to collect them. What a good idea - they have such a retro childish sweetness. Seems to me we mostly get the letter i. I hope you get to complete your set and that you're having a lovely time!