Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Florence's apartment in Paris

This months Inside Out features the Paris home of designer Florence Baudoux, beautifully photographed by Richard Powers. My favourite room is the bathroom - old beaded cabinetry combined with modern fittings. In my quest for this picture I came across a French article about the same apartment with more great photographs by Jean-Marc Palisse but no joy on a decent shot of the bathroom - hence the scan below. It is hard to see but the drawers have tiny spherical carvings that are repeated in the modern black and white painting on the wall and I think it was a clever move to paint the large old fashioned radiator in a dark shade also. The whole apartment is very inspiring - well worth buying a copy of Inside Out or flicking through the CoteMaison gallery.

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Images: Jean-Marc Palisse, Richard Powers via CoteMaison and Inside Out

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