Monday, January 10, 2011

All good things will be yours . . .

Its been a long time between drinks here at Folder of Ideas but I am back now from my hols, finished my studies, no more homework so much more to time to read blogs and write posts.

A long way back there was a picture of this room on Desire to Inspire in the pets on furniture section but you could only see part of the board. I emailed Linda Roberts, the owner of the dog and the image to ask her for the full wording and its provenance. She had seen it written up her brother's sailboat and did not know here it came from but sent me back this lovely image of her home.

Good old google confirmed that this is indeed an old Swedish proverb. Wise words I thought for the new year - especially the eat less and talk less sections for yours truly. Happy new year to all and looking forward to another inspiring year. Sheila xx

Images: Linda Roberts, Mooch


Anonymous said...

What a magnificent quote! Thank you for sharing ♥

Lisa McGee said...

This is a wonderful quote - it will be added to my quote book - started way back when I was in secondary school - to incorporate it into my own home! I love it up on the chalkboard.