Saturday, January 15, 2011

Georgian splendour

I don't do a huge amount of real estate stalking but sometimes it can be very rewarding. Everyone will know that my homeland is really struggling economically. One outcome of this is that some pretty special properties are coming on to the market (not always for happy reasons) but at least we get to have a peek inside. I read the Irish Times online and this is where I found this great Georgian house. My parents lived around the corner from this house in a flat in a similar Georgian building when they were first married. They had to move out when I was born as children weren't allowed ! I love the way the owners of this property have allowed the architecture to sing and their impressive looking art collection to do the rest. The funky kitchen and orange table work well for me too. Lots more details here while the link lasts.

Images: via here

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sheila
Love the interior of this Georgian place ! Hope all is well ! Cheers, Nancy x