Thursday, September 24, 2009

Burnt Orange: Avoca comes to Sydney

Happy day !- Burnt Orange opened on Middle Head Road in Sydney a couple of weeks ago and they are bringing one of my favourite brands and concepts in from Ireland - Avoca. Originally wool handweavers in Wicklow in Ireland, but now a lifestyle brand Avoca's stores and restaurants are hugely popular in Ireland with locals and visitors alike - and now Burnt Orange has brought their products to Sydney !! Avoca make beautiful wool throws and rugs - including baby rugs and their fashion label is now available here too. Food and setting was lovely and I have not heard so many Irish accents in one spot since I moved to Sydney. I reckon it will be a big hit. Read about Burnt Orange here and Avoca here

Images: Harbour Trust, Avoca


A-M said...

How lovely... you must be in your element! A-M xx

Niamh Pedreschi said...

I have to agree with you I just love visiting Avoca, I could spend hours there. Their apple pie is a favourite in our house.

Lorna said...

Ooh, I hadn't heard Avoca was 'emigrating' that far!! Great to hear that for them too. Fab brand.