Sunday, September 27, 2009

Maine bathroom

Inevitably when one is blogging one's personal taste ( as I am here ) you to do tend to loop back around to certain topics from time to time - as you like what you like and that doesn't change that fast in my case anyway. So I have written about antiques and furniture in bathrooms before. I'm not quite there in terms of homelife as my bathroom furnishings still need a high level of water and toothpaste resistance but in time I would love to put a gorgeous piece like this in a bathroom. I also love the marble floor and mosaic tile on the bath. The photo is by Trent Bell (spotted via Desire to Inspire) and a little delving tells me that this room is in a stunning house in Maine photographed by Trent Bell for Maine Home ande Design magazine.

Image: Trent Bell

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A-M said...

Oh yes, I am so with you on this one Sheila. Antiques/furniture in a bathroom are just the most perfect touch! Love the comment on water and toothpaste resistance. I so agree...educating 2 boys on how to live and look after a new home, that will be up for sale in the next few months... is a challenge to say the least. The hand prints on the walls are my biggest challenge!... and yes toothpaste also! A-M xx