Monday, January 18, 2010

Daphine by Lumina

Like most design bloggers magazines are a key source of inspiration for me. When something catches my eye and is not referenced in the accompanying article I often drop the designer, architect or magazine a quick email to follow up on my find - with mixed results I might add as not everyone responds.
Thanks to architect and designer Vincent van Duysen's office I did get to the bottom of finding out where the light in this picture came from. The image is from a spread in Vogue Living featuring Vincent's apartment and these lights are dotted around the apartment. Being in grave need of task lighting at home and hoping to find elegant solutions I emailed his office and they kindly replied. The Daphine floor light by Lumina was designed in 1972 by Tommaso Cimini. It comes in black and silver, in a desk version and with a dimmer if required. I need to go to ecc lighting and furniture to see it for real.
Images: Vogue Living, Lumina

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