Friday, January 15, 2010

Out to sea

Maps are a great addition to kids bedrooms and play rooms especially when they get to the questioning stage of where's this and why etc and for talking about the news, good or bad in the world. These wallpapers are by Ralph Lauren. I'd love to do a child's room based on one of these as the colours are a bit different - a departure from pink and light blue.

Images: Out to Sea, Expedition by Ralph Lauren


Cyma said...

Really great choices, perfect for a playroom!

Lorna said...

These are great aren't they? A real sense of adventure and exploration - kiddy version of Zoffany's Trade Routes wallpaper

Charley said...

I like these so much I'd have them in adult room too, maybe a study or quiet sitting room (if I was lucky enough to have a house big enough for that much separation of space! Will also look up Zoffany's Trade Routes wallpaper, sounds like my cup of tea!