Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hot in the city

Phew. It is hot in the city today - 41 degrees and windy. These days are really like wet days when you have kids because you can't leave them outside for any length of time. This image from Fast design screams heat to me. The chair is called the Forest Karmstol I'm assuming because of its clever tree design.

Images: Urban Living


A-M said...

Oh it's hot here too Sheila. I am sitting in the pool shack doing paper work while my boys splash my computer! Groovy chair! A-M xx

Lorna said...

Gosh, 41. we would die!! Do you have a pool to cool off in? As I type this, I am sitting beside a blazing log and coal fire (in my draughty house with its huge windows!)

Sheila said...

Thankfully yes Lorna we do have a pool, my two boys would swim in all day if they could !