Friday, April 23, 2010

The Outdoor Room

I attended the Designex trade show in Sydney yesterday. There was quite a big section on outdoor rooms which I wasn't really expecting but it was great to see some products I have blogged about but had not seen in real life like Joost Bakker's vertical gardens and Kif and Katast's fabulous Gingko screen. The Kif & Katast stand was one of my favourites of the day and I loved the new Gingko bench pictured below. There is a poor quality iphone photo that gives a bit of an idea of how you could light this bench to make a real feature of it at night.

The Kif & Katast stand also featured these garden bags called Bacsacs which can be used eiether as a permanent garden for herbs for example or simply for transporting plants.

Images: Kif&Katast, Bacsac


A-M said...

Oh that bench is just beautiful! Looks like the fair was fun! A-M xx

Lorna said...

that bench looks great, not sure how comfy it would be but it looks amazing. Sounds like you had a great day