Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In / Out

I am working in sequence this week. Going through Sam McAdams portfolio yesterday I spotted this shot which includes two things I had bookmarked for inclusion here.

Image: Sam McAdam

When you look at my home from the end of the garden there is one area of blank wall which is crying out for some sort of adornment. Plants of course are an option but I like outdoor art and have my eye out for something along the lines of this beautiful Ginko screen by Kif + Katast. The screens are made from laser cut steel and rusted 'on purpose'. They can be hung both indoors and out.

The second thing is the bench. This zinc bench is the In/Out bench by JF Dors. It can be used as a planter as shown or for a little outdoor water pool, or if you are really not into gardening at all as an icebucket for parties !! In Sydney you can get the In / Out bench from Parterre.

Image: Domani

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tiel said...

i saw this in a mag a couple of years ago and loved it so so much. I still want to do my pool area with something like this. I have it in my inspiration folder.