Monday, March 9, 2009

Signature print

I am surprised with myself that this is the first time I have included a Florence Broadhurst design on this blog. This is Centrepoint Medallion in Ink Blue on Flat White from again spotted in this month's Inside Out.
Florence Broadhurst was a very interesting and talented Australian woman who led an adventurous and chameleon like life ultimately establishing a very successful hand printed wallpaper business based in Sydney. Signature Prints are the curators of her wonderful designs and many are in production today. You can read a bit more about her daring and dashing life on their website. "A Life by Design' by Siobhan O'Brien tells her life story and is also a very good read.

I read recently that a number of new patterns had been discovered - maybe this is one of them. I love the really dark navy in this print and the fact that the pattern is hard to pigeon hole.

Image: Sam McAdam

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