Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mighty Expedit-y

You come across stats from time to time about IKEA - the huge numbers of people who sleep in IKEA beds etc etc. Well I can safely say that at least 80% of my friends own an Expedit shelving system (especially those with small children). I am thrilled to see this new desk attachment as we are about to move ours from the living room to one of my sons bedrooms and this little desk (top is 115 x 78 cm) is perfect for them. I am assuming you can attach it to any point on the shelves - mine is a 5 x 5 but will be racing off to confirm soon. PS: its AU$129 - how could you go wrong ?

Image: IKEA


A-M said...

Perfect! I have an Expedit which is going into the small study downstairs. I was wondering what to do for a desk! Perfect! A-M xx

Rachael said...

I have this one, with the desk attachment in my little girls room. be warned though, it is as heavy as the whole bookshelf itself and my smart idea of going to get it all by myself and then having the carry it up my flight of stairs was good in theory but not so good in practice!