Thursday, March 12, 2009

Study style

Still contemplating ideas for our study - to go dark or not that is the question . . . My house is all painted an antiquey white and while the neutrals are lovely I am itching to differentiate some rooms. But I also want to able to work in the study - so how would the light feel if I put in dark bookshelves. The debate continues.

Image: Ryan Corban via Desire to Inspire

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A-M said...

Oh, I am going dark in our study!!!.... same scenario: white walls, lots of neutrals elsewhere. I have a black framed roccoco sofa and armchairs with neutral linen, black desk, black library bookcase with ladder... all black, maybe with a neutral sisal rug... and white French door opening out onto the porch. I love the black as it is elegant as well as a bit masculine... as hubby and I will be sharing our lovely large study. I think if you have good natural light you should be right. A-M xx