Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cicatrice De Luxe

I am not sure how I missed this for 10 years but there you go. The Cicatrice de luxe 5 chandelier designed by Philippe Starck has been around since 1998 (!!). Like many of his designs the concept is a bit crazy but I was taken by it - given my passion for crystal glasses and vases and their jewel like effects. I spotted this Cicatrice de luxe 5 in the recent copy of Vogue Living Australia and I think it looks pretty good in this city apartment. There are bigger and smaller versions - all pretty pricey. I would love to see one switched on in a darkened room as I think the reflections would be quite special.

Images: Vogue Living Australia, FLOS

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Deborah Boland said...

I agree, this really is beautiful..we are yet to put a light above our table...because we just can't decide on one!
Love your site...Debbie