Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Kitchen constants (2)

The god of kitchens has to date been inclined to grant me small kitchens - two galleys and two with minimal bench space but that being said I have grown to love my small kitchens and forgive them their flaws.

An outcome of this experience in small kitchen ergonomics is that I am now never without wall mounted stainless steel utensil rails and racks for pots and cookbooks - well whats a girl to do if you have no drawers ??

I came across this little gem on Amanda Prior's website and if I am not mistaken this kitchen has the very same Grundtal shelves and rails from IKEA as I have myself. At about $20 for a rail and $40 for a shelf you cannot go wrong. An important point of detail is to recommend IKEAs matt stainless steel S hooks from the same range which look much better than shiny ones and are good value at $5 for five.

Photos: Amand Prior

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