Monday, October 27, 2008

Summer stripes

As the temperature here in Sydney has returned to normal ranges and we are back outside enjoying the sunshine I thought I would share some of my favourite summer stripes. The first two are available from a number of retailers ( I have listed the ones I have come across so far below). The great thing about these fabrics is that they come in 180 cm widths which is fantastic if you have a very wide window or a big outdoor table you want to make a table cloth for.

The next three are IKEA fabrics. I have seen these in person and they are wonderful at jawdroppingly low prices - $12-$15 a metre. How could you go wrong ?

Tom Multi, Otilly and Lewis, Ici et la, RE found objects
Colliour Roy, Otilly and Lewis, Ici et la
Elisabet, IKEA
Berit series, IKEA
Images: Otilly and Lewis, IKEA

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