Saturday, July 4, 2009


One of the questions below was 'do you collect anything ?'. I love a collection in interiors - whatever it might be - as it really personalises a space. It also can be a pretty thrifty way to decorate - using what you collect anyway. I read about a couple who had frames filled with all the concert tickets they had been to together which looked great. I do hope my husband doesnt get any ideas about his Wallabies ticket collection - thats not quite the look I'm after.

Images: So Chic, Tobi Fairly, Andrew Lehmann, Living etc

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TheDecoDetective said...

I collect umbrellas! Not many; I've got a few that are really lovely which I guard with my life and also use for decorating. I also collect napkins to change the look of my main room cheaply and quickly.
I love the collection of plates, the colours are really cheerful and lovely!