Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Family room inspiration

It's a slippery slope - I did the whole 'cough so no one will notice' and tore this image out of an old copy of Belle magazine in the doctors waiting room yesterday. I don't normally do that but this is exactly what I want to do with picture rails in my family room so I couldn't leave it behind. One page is better that stuffing the whole magazine in my bag I reckon.

I am about to ship out our big Expedit full of books and toys to the spare room which will become the boys play room. I am going to reclaim the living room and use the wall space currently behind all the toys and books to create a look like this. You can now buy picture shelves like these at IKEA starting at $8 for smaller lengths which I will paint to match my walls and work from there. I think this is a very inviting and practical living space which are exactly the two goals I am trying to meet.

Image: Belle

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