Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cool drawer

It is not often I feature an appliance of any kind but I always find it hard to pass by anything with Paul Smith esque stripes so here is the Cool Drawer from Fisher and Paykel. Fisher and Paykel have a customised shipping container called Ironside which they fill with all the appliances of the future and tote it around to exhibitions. This photo is courtesy of Lucy at the The Design Files. Apart from loving the stripes I do like the idea of a few cool drawers around the kitchen and house. The idea is that they can be set to freeze, cool drinks or fruit and vegetables depending on where your cool drawer is and what you want to use it for. I wonder though, environmentally, would three or four cool drawers use more power than one big fridge ?

Image: The Design Files

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A-M said...

Now that is funky. I would have a few scattered around too. Wouldn't that be a treat - a fridge drawer just for the veges. Hope your baby is better soon too. A-M xx